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People Counter Principle
Jan 23, 2018

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people are more and more pursuing the humanized things. The counter is more and more used in people's daily life and has become an indispensable necessity. The following we look at the flow of people what is the principle of the counter.

People Counter principle

The general use of infrared shooting technology, the machine is divided into sources and sources of reception, that is, the two types of radio and reflective circuits, the radio is a transmitter and a receiver in the middle if there is an object through the block on the light, the output of a The pulse signal triggers the counting circuit. The reflective infrared ray makes the transmitting head and the receiving head become an infrared probe. When there is an object in front of the probe, the infrared ray of the transmitting head is reflected to the receiving head, and the probe outputs a pulse to count the counter .

They were installed in the doorway on both sides, when someone passes, the infrared will be blocked, this time counting one person, and so on, you can count how many people passed by each day, so as to achieve the principle of counting the number.

General counter data generated will be stored in the internal chip, and then CPU to determine how many people in and out, the data generated by the data transmission line to the computer, and then installed in the computer software to do analysis for managers to analyze, Resulting in commercial value.

Human flow counter can automatically power off the stored data, the original record of effective protection, when the flow through the detection zone, that is, to detect the corresponding number of people out. Can automatically analyze the guest's walking direction, the test is admission or appearance. Intelligent unattended function, automatically store the same day records.

Counting of people flow statistics become accurate analysis of each operator information on passenger flow, which is to improve the operation and management of public places such as retail, cultural entertainment and other industries. Grasping the regularity of human traffic provides a scientific basis for the scientific decision-making of daily operation, the comfort of shopping and leisure environment and the rationality of human resource allocation.

Of course, to make scientific decisions, the accuracy of the data collected is very important, otherwise the error caused by the statistics to promote the wrong direction, there is no point.

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