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EAS System's Main Role
Jan 23, 2018

a) Prevent theft

EAS system to change the past, "man-to-people", "people see things" approach to high-tech means to give goods a self-defense capabilities, so that security measures implemented in each of a commodity for the supermarket to recover the losses. Internationally, the warning line for loss of merchandise is 1.8% of turnover, while the open loss, self-selection, supermarket and chain store loss rate in our country has reached 3% -5% of the turnover. According to CCTV, in Shanghai in 1993, the stolen amount of goods in supermarkets was 3 million yuan, but by 1997 it reached more than 30 million yuan. The supermarket in Beijing in 1998 stolen goods for the 7000 - 80 million yuan. According to the Beijing Evening News on May 22, 2000, a total of 80 billion yuan of goods were stolen from the national supermarkets in 1999. Unfortunately, this number is still growing rapidly. It has seriously damaged the interests of businesses, so that business profits in vain. Therefore, the effective prevention of theft has become an urgent problem that many businesses need to solve. The use of EAS system, save tens of thousands of businesses for the loss.


With the rise of open-shelf sales, the chances of goods being stolen also increase. EAS system in a tough and courteous manner to prevent customers "go hand in hand" behavior, and will make thieves in the theft of goods have concerns, or even dispelled The idea of entering the store to steal a great deterrent to it, to avoid disputes caused by human factors, while respecting human rights but also to safeguard the interests of businesses.

c) Simplify management

EAS system can effectively curb the "Pirates of the" phenomenon, ease the conflict between staff and managers to exclude staff psychological disorders, so that employees devoted themselves to work to improve the efficiency of the supermarket. EAS system can also use the original selection of staff from the original, optimizing staff, thereby enhancing the quality of the supermarket.

d) improve the shopping atmosphere, improve service quality

The "man-to-man" approach in the past has aroused a lot of consumer resentment and made it possible for them to be neglected. EAS system staff to customers "meticulous" precautions, into customer service, so as to improve service quality. To create a good consumer relaxed shopping environment, greatly improve the relationship between supermarkets and consumers, for the supermarket to win more customers.

e) beautify the environment and enhance corporate image

EAS system itself is a high-tech exquisite appearance of the product, while protecting the goods but also beautify the environment of the supermarket, EAS is the trend of the development of modern shopping centers and enhance the corporate image.

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