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EAS Composition And Working Principle
Jan 23, 2018

1, EAS composition

EAS is a self-defense device for goods that uses electronic means to give the product a self-defense capability, that is, to notify the system and issue an alarm once an attempt is made to not pay for the goods to be taken out of the store. So that the thieves clear to the public, which fundamentally changed all the anti-theft system in the past are stuck in the passive monitoring of security, the anti-theft measures implemented on each product.

EAS system consists of detection antenna, soft sign decoder, soft sign, unlock, hard sign and other components.

Detection antenna: a transmitting antenna, a receiving antenna, the basic principle is: the use of the transmitting antenna will be a scanning band transmitted in the transmitting antenna and receiving antenna to form a scan area, the effective labeling of the region, from The receiving antenna receives the signal and triggers the alarm.

Soft sign decoder: Is to disable the soft label device. Usually with the label of goods, within about 20 cm above the decoder across the label that is invalid, can be used in conjunction with POS machines.

Soft label: a special process will be fixed on the self-adhesive bar code bar code, after the soft sign decoder, that is invalid.

Unlocker: It is a quick, easy and easy way to remove all kinds of hard labels.

Hard label: its internal structure is a Lc oscillation circuit, through the anti-theft nails or anti-theft rope will be fixed on the goods, after the cashier by the cashier with the unlocker to remove it, you can re-use.

2, EAS works

Its working principle is as follows:

The purchase of the system business should be based on different products will be applied to the label attached to the goods at the same time in the outlet of the mall installed test antenna, the number of antennas should be able to detect the outflow of goods out of all first exit. After the customer pays off, the tag on the merchandise they purchased is removed or decoded with a special unlocker or decoder board to disable it. If the customer does not pay, the transmitter and receiver begin to work when they pass the detection antenna Out of the electronic tag attached to the product, then lead to alarm sound, intercept the goods to go out. EAS in the role of anti-theft Compared with television monitoring, EAS is not subject to human factors, to avoid the terminal monitor TV monitor a long time for the screen, due to fatigue or turn left or right glances generated when the control camera blank Happening. On the other hand, the EAS system excludes the surveillance of the camera brought by the camera in the television surveillance and improves the relationship between the mall and the customer. It achieves the two objectives of protecting both the mall and the legitimate rights and interests of customers, Defense, defense skills.

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